Zainab Alatraktchi

Chief Executive Officer

International Business and Politics student at Copenhagen Business School with a keen interest in the profitability of the policy-economics nexus. Zainab has previous work experience from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations in Tokyo, the Danish Ministry of Finance, and the private sector.

Jafar S. Noori

Chief Research Officer

Jafar has a strong scientific background within water and environmental engineering with experience from several jobs in Denmark and abroad. Jafar holds an MSc degree from the Technical University of Denmark in Environmental Engineering with a nanotechnology line.

Alemnew Geto

Product Developer

Dr. Geto holds a PhD in Chemistry and has experience in sensor platform development from the CSIC Institute in Madrid. His research interest is mainly on the development of simple, cost-effective and green sensors for the analytical determination of chemicals of environmental concern.