Ground water

Groundwater is a major source for freshwater around the world. In Europe 74% of the population receives their drinking water from groundwater sources. In USA approximately half of the population is receiving their drinking water from groundwater source. In addition to heavy consumption, groundwater is subject to contamination stress by man made products. Most of the substances that are reaching the groundwater table is harmful for human health. Even when these pollutant substances are spread or spilled far from the abstraction wells, the pollutants will eventually have a negative impact on them. Currently, the water quality is monitored by snapshot measurements which do not provide a full picture of the water quality and does not ensure the safety of the water abstraction wells.

There are many sources for groundwater contamination such as landfill sites, storage tanks, hazard chemical spills and agricultural extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides. Detecting these substances at early stage can ensure applying early treatment methods and reduce the risk of losing existing productive wells.