New project underway: CoPs

On the 1st of Sept. IPM will start a new project for developing a device that continuously can measure different pesticides. The project is titled (Continuous Pesticide Sensing or CoPs). The project is led by a Norwegian partner Cautus Geo and it is funded by the Eurostars programme which is powered by EUREKA and the European Community.

CoPs will be developed with close collaboration between the 5 partners participating in this project, Cautus Ceo, IPM, PalmSens, DFM (Danish Fundamental Metrology) and DTU Nanotech (Technical University of Denmark – Department of Micro and Nanotechnology). This project will last for two years and the expected results is a fully automated and remotely accessed prototype that can measure 10 pesticide compounds and has the ability to conduct auto-sampling and data-handling. Further information on the project can be also found on the Eurostars-Eureka homepage.